Saturday, May 26, 2007

Velvety Veggie Soup

This is a great winter soup that my mom would often make. It's filling, healthy, delicious, easy, and non-specific enough that you can make it with whatever veggies you have. Here's what I used today:
~1 L of water... pending how much soup you want & how many veggies you use.
For the veggies, chop into medium sized chunk. My veggies were:
1 cup squash
1 cup zucchini
1 cup broccoli
7 Brussels sprouts
Half a large tomato (adds a nice earthiness)
A small onion For seasoning:
Chili pepper (I used 2)
Garlic (I threw in about 6 cloves since I love it)
1-2 bay leaves
Parsley (optional)
Any other fresh herbs you have floating around... I used some chives and a bit of basil in this one.
Stock/ can use stock instead of water or throw in 1 or 2 bullion cubes while it's boiling.
Once it peak boils turn to low heat, cover, and leave for about an hour.Once it's been cooking for a while, the air should smell good and the veggies should be super soft. Ladle the veggies into a blender but you can keep the soup water in the pot.Blend for a couple seconds till it's nice and thick, then chuck it back into the pot, mix well.
Optional - pasta. If it comes out too watery or bland (mine did, unfortunately) then leave it on high heat and throw in some pasta: the heat will evaporate some water as the pasta absorbs some more. Did the trick for me.
Pour into your bowl with some shredded/cut cheese (a nice sharp cheddar would work well) and enjoy with some crusty bread!

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