Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Damn Tasty Guacamole

So I love guacamole. Who doesn't. The name literally means "avocado sauce", and who doesn't love sauces or avocados?
-Peel one soft, ripe avocado. It must be ripe otherwise it won't be flavorful or easy to mush-Dice into very small pieces: red onion and a bunch of cilantro. Crush some garlic, as well. I also added a bit of tomato and a small chili pepper for a kick.Cook:
-Mash avocado with the veggies and about a tsp of salt and cumin. Spritz with a bit of lime (as much as you want - I don't like sour stuff so I use a tiny bit)Tips:
-A bit of salsa can be an easy and decent substitution for the onion, tomato, and spicy pepper.
-You can add a bit of olive oil if you want a creamier guac
-If you have a bunch of the tortilla chip leftovers (small pieces and crumbs) just pour into the guac and eat with a spoon. That's what I did today.

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hyeshin said...

yummy~ one of my favorites.. at least, i can try this, kk. but there is no cilantro at Emart.damn it!