Friday, May 25, 2007

Poached Egg Breakky

For the last 4 or so years of independence, come the weekend I would always reward my lazy and free mornings with a nice breakfast. This breakfast was, without fail, 2 sunny-side-up eggs, several pieces of bread, some cheese, tomato, and cucumber. That was until a month ago when, on a trip with some friends, Ben taught me about the gloriousness of poached eggs. See, I chose sunny-side-up eggs as a vehicle for the delivery of runny yolky goodness. But they could break upon landing, or get stuck to the bottom of the pan and never come out, not to mention they required oil. Well, poached eggs is an easier and healthier delivery system that I have come to integrate into my weekly meals.
I use a small frying pan, since it is wide and short, and fill it with water and a splash of vinegar. I hate vinegar but it's not used here for the taste; rather, to help keep the eggs from being stuck together. Place it on medium heat.
Prepare a plate with some bread and veggies that you like.I like to dig a little hole in my bread, if possible, for better settling of the eggs. I also have cheese on the side to eat with the white of the egg.
Once the water is plenty hot, that is small bubble but not huge ones, I crack the egg in a little saucer.
Then, you need to carefully and slowly slide the egg into the pan. The slowness allows for it to keep together. If there are too many bubbles, it can break up the egg. So lift up the pan for a second, drop the egg in, then place it back down.
Wait as long as you like, pending on how runny you like your eggs. I wait about 45 seconds since I love them runny. Get the eggs out w/ a colander-ladle (whatever that's called) and place it on your bread. I always pray for 2 perfect eggs but sadly this doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I interpret the integrity of the eggs as a sign of the day... with two messed up eggs being especially forboding. Looks like today will be only okay.

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hyeshin said...

ummm~ i miss your sunday egg breakky at sagwajutak. and i can't wait to taste this new poached one.
don't even think about saying like 'why don't you cook it by yourself? it's easy.'
i know you GUMAN~