Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beef and Noodle Veg in Black Bean Sauce

This is just a nice miscellaneous stir-fry, with a black-bean undercurrent. This is a salty, savory dish so make sure to enjoy with a nice Gin n Tonic or such.
-Chop up some veggies, most veggies work pretty well in a stir-fry. I'd say mandatory are onion, garlic, pepper, and broccoli. For black-bean sauce, I would also consider Bok Choy to be requisite. I also had some carrot, zucchini, cauliflower, chili pepper, and green onion.
-Brown the beef in a separate pan and drain: you don't want all the fat getting in your glorious stir-fry.-Get the sauces and other additives ready. A stir-fry should be stir-fried quickly, so you don't want to be fumbling with caps and lids and sauces. I use: black-bean sauce, a bit of stock powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper, and some ginger.
-If you're not using fresh noodles (I just used the ones that came in my Shin Ramyun pack, as I used the base for something else) make sure you boil and drain them ahead of time.
-Heat the wok up first, get it nice and hot... a bit below the highest setting.
-Drop a bit of olive oil in and some crushed garlic
-Throw in the vegetables, making sure to stir often
-After a minute or two, add all your additives
-Add noodles and beef-When it's almost done, add all the greens that are quick to be cooked (leaves of Bok Choy and the green ends of the green onion)
-Serve it up, garnish with a generous amount of cilantro. When I made mine, it came off a bit too salty and overpowering, so I added a bit of honey and that smoothed it out quite well.

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hyeshin said...

oh well, my little creative chef~
how can you make such a nice and healthy dish with a skeezy shinramyun? looks great and mashigetda popo