Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sausage, Bean and Veggie Pita

Sometimes cooking isn't about careful measurement and complex cooking-processes. Sometimes it's just about having an interesting idea and going for it. The inspiration for this pita sandwich came to me as a sudden craving while I was in class, planning what to make for lunch.
-Toast a pita
-Slice, lengthwise, half a cucumber, half a tomato, some cheese (I used cheddar), and some red onion, and jalapeño-Crush some garlic
-Drain some beans (I used Borlotti or cranberry beans)
-In a pan, lightly fry 1 sausage in garlic (I used kangaroo sausage)
-Slice sausage in half, lengthwise
-Pile everything on the pita, including the fried garlic (I'd do most structurally-sound items on the bottom: cheese, then moving up onion, cucumber, tomato, with the beans being on top)-Season as you like: salt, pepper, basil, cilantro, etc.
-You can toast the pita with the cheese in it to give it a melted-er taste
-I used Borlotti beans by accident, actually, as I had intended to use chick peas, which I think would be very nice in this sandwich
-Substitute any meat, like bacon or chicken, and add any vegetables you like such as broccoli, carrot, lettuce, etc.
-Roasted or fried potatoes (or French Fries) would definitely match in this sandwich, as the Israelis eat it.

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