Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home-pickled olives

I've recently started liking olives a lot. The problem is that in most delis, here in Brisbane, they're like 20$ a kilo, and that can get a bit pricey. At the farmer's market, I found fresh big green olives for 3.50$/kilo and figured I may as well give home-pickling a go (fresh olives taste horrible). Googling didn't yield much, until I found this cute and wonderful website.I followed the recipe exactly and will post here with updates (it takes ~5months to get it edible), changing the brine every month or so. Wish me luck!
Month 0:
Month 1:
Month 3 (I got lazy):

(I've since found a source for olives for 5$/kilo for black and 8$/kilo for Kalamata).


Anonymous said...

What source for the cheap olives? Is that whatsitcalledit across from the Mater?
- Claire

Michael's Reinberg said...

tsk tsk tsk - you didn't read the post! It wasn't from Samios, it was from West End Markets, of course