Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In Minneapolis, there is a famous breakfast joint in the university campus. Al's Diner serves hot, tasty breakfasts to very few customers at a time, while a line of people wait. Biking there on Sunday mornings with my dad and brothers was a nice tradition growing up. One of their tastiest meals was the José: a poached egg and hashbrown medley mashed up with fresh salsa and cheddar. To get hash browns to be the quality and consistency of what's served up in a restaurant can be a complicated process. Mine isn't that hard and the results are scrumptiously decent.
-Boil some potatoes. Don't peel them ahead of time, just give them a nice wash and scrub. Once they're boiled, put them in the fridge or freezer until they are cold.-Grate some cheddar
-Make/prepare some salsa
-Eggs for poaching
-Once the potatoes are cold, dice them up to the size that you like. Heat up a pan with a lot of oil (or butter... this is one of the few times I allow myself to cook with butter). Once these stop being clumpy and start being crispy, lower the heat and spread the grated cheese on top, cover
-Poach an egg or two. You can use the method I mentioned before. I happened to recently purchase silicon rubber egg poachers and they are amazing.
-Make a hole in the hashbrowns and put in some salsa. Serve on a plate with the egg on top and some toast on the side and some fresh juice. Enjoy!

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