Thursday, July 5, 2007

Chocotastic Cheesecake

I've always loved cheesecake but never tried to make it. I had an opportunity to do it for a picnic and decided to put a twist on a classic cheesecake and make it chocolatey, as I love chocolate. For the base, or crust, of the cake I used the dough from Natasha's Triple Choc Cookies. If you wanted a bit plainer/non-chocolate base, you can crumble Graham crackers mixed with butter and a bit of sugar into the bottom of a greased pan and bake at 350F for about 15 minutes.
-Dough as given in the cookie recipe. You don't need as much as is written, but I used some extra to layer the cake and froze a ball of cookie dough for later. I pressed it, raw, into the mold of the cake pan, then took it out and baked it on a cookie sheet.-2 8oz packs of cream cheese, melted to room temperature
-a couple tsp of lemon juice, with some pinches of lemon zest-1 pint heavy whipping cream
-1/3 cup of sugar
-Mix together cream cheese and lemon-Beat heavy whipping cream until thick, mix in with cream cheese, add sugar-Pour into pan, on top of crust
-Chill for at least a couple of hoursTips:
-I put half the cheesecake filling on top of the crust and then put in a layer of crumbled cookie crumbs and sliced banana. Any fruit would work wonderful, especially a berry. I then used the rest of the crumbs to decorate the top of the cake (PBL 15 is my discussion group).
-This cake turned out very tasty but very sweet and rich. I think next time I might use light cream or light cream cheese.

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Curtis said...

your plating skills could be a bit better chef