Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mexicanesque Chicken Corn Chowder

I had an ear of corn lying around and as opposed to my usual steamin', I wanted to do a chowder. Searching around allrecipes yielded the usual array of corn chowders, but this "Mexican" one piqued my curiosity. This yields around 2 servings:
-Cut up some chicken (roughly 1/2 breast per serving) into bite-size pieces
-1 cup of hot water with a bullion cube dissolved within (1 cup of stock would work the same)
-1 ear of corn, de-kerneled
-1/2 a tomato, 1 small onion, and 1-2 chili peppers diced-1 cup of half-and-half or cream or milk+1 tbsp of butter
-A bunch of cilantro, chopped relatively well
-In a pot on medium heat, cook chicken, 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic, and onion until chicken isn't pink anymore-Add water/stock, 1-2tbsp of cumin, bring to a boil, turn to low and cover
-Simmer for 5 minutes-Add corn, chili, and milk; turn up to medium heat
-Cook for another couple minutes then add the tomato and about half of the cilantro you have
-Let it boil for a while, until it reaches the thickness that you like (I added a tbsp of flour to mine to help with thickness)
-Once it reaches desired thickness, pour into a bowl, garnish with the rest of the cilantro and some grated cheese (cheddar, Monterey Jack, etc.)
-Pour some corn-chips crumbs into the bowl, it gives it a nice balance of crunchy and soft and salty and whatnot
-Some avocado in the chowder works well too
-I used goat's milk (I used it because it was on sale today and I was curious how it would taste) and it gave it an interesting richness and added a bit of sourness. I think soy would give it a heartier, fuller taste whereas plain milk would be inoffensive. I think I'll use soy next time.

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