Monday, September 10, 2007

Sweet Potato Oven Fries

I love sweet potatoes and am always looking to eat them. I'm happy to simply steam them and chomp down, but decided to go for something a little more civilized this evening.
-Slice sweet potato length wise, into pieces about the size of a finger. Peel if you'd like (I like the peel and it's a good source of fiber, so I leave it on)
-Place in a plastic bag with a bit of olive oil... start off with 1 tbsp-Seal and shake up well, till it appears that all the surfaces of the potatoes are coated. Add more oil if necessary
-Into the bag, add any spices that you like: I added cumin, Korean pepper powder, pico de gallo, and garlic salt (1/2-1 tbsp each) - enough so it's well coated-Lay out on a oven-safe pan, with a raised edge
-Preheat oven to 375F/180C
-Cook for about 20 minutes, take out and flip the pieces over, cook for another 10-15 minutes or until potato is tenderTips:
-This delicious dish would be a great side or light meal. You can substitute/add regular potato, yams, or pumpkin even in the flavoring
-I also included in the roast some garlic (still in the peels) and onion, because I love roasted garlic and onion too much to not include them in a roast
-You can adjust your spices pending on what you like: cinnamon and brown sugar for a more "traditional" sweet potato taste; turmeric and coriander for an Indianesque flavor; sea salt and cracked black pepper for a neutral pleasure
-I know it may seem wasteful to use a Ziploc bag for this, but I used one that I had previously used for sandwiches - recycle!

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